Every 43 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack.

Together, we can change that.

XCellCure is a biotechnology start up revolutionizing the way the world treats heart attacks. Our product line of cardiac panels includes patented prognostic markers which provide a patient-specific signature of disease with the capability to predict a heart attack. The AMiAware cardiac panel line of products allows physicians to quickly intervene with individualized medical therapies that will save lives.

Together We Can Save Lives Today to Enjoy a Healthier Tomorrow

The XCellCure AMiAware Cardiac Panel provides a clear, accurate picture of cardiac risk, reducing the incidence of chronic cardiovascular disease and death due to Heart Attack

Providing multiplexed, quantitative results for 13 novel cardiovascular biomarkers, the AMiAware identifies patients at risk for an impending heart attack and allows for rapid rule-in/rule-out diagnostics. The AMiAware cardiac panel provides a “Signature of Disease” specific to each patient. Pushing acute cardiovascular care into the modern day realm of personalized medicine, this “signature” guides care providers in administering prompt and effective therapeutic interventions suited best to each individual. We now have a quantitative method to prevent heart tissue damage and strive to reduce the first and fatal heart attack experienced by over 365,000 Americans annually.

Revolutionizing care for patients with acute coronary syndromes, the XCellCure AMiAware line allows physicians to noninvasively diagnose and prognosticate victims of Heart Attack with accuracy, ease, and speed previously unknown in the clinic. Want to learn more? Contact us!