Our line of novel, prognostic cardiac devices provides critical information to the more than 8 million people in the U.S. who seek evaluation for chest pain in the emergency department annually.  The XCellCure research and development team is engaged in projects to expand upon a multimarker cardiac panel with the ability to rapidly detect novel cardiac biomarkers and circulating indicators of disease with high sensitivity and specificity.

The cardiac biomarker market is expected to grow to over $34 Billion globally by 2018, and we plan to be the provider at the forefront of patient care.  Annual U.S. expenditures both direct and indirect to manage cardiovascular disease were $298 billion in 2008 and are expected to climb to over $800 billion in the next 20 years. XCellCure will provide that solution to the uncertainty of today‚Äôs emergency room evaluation and save lives today to enjoy a healthier tomorrow

Xcellcure is 100% company owned with exclusive international partners in China and the United States